In June 2020, the Arts Council gathered a dozen artists from the Greater Hartford community to form the first Artist Advisory Committee.

The mission of the Artist Advisory Committee (AAC) is: to inform, support, and educate the Greater Hartford Arts Council about its role as an advocate for artists in the Greater Hartford region.

Each of these members play a significant role in our community as artists, educators, students, leaders, activists, facilitators, and organizers. As liaisons to the Greater Hartford artist community, they’re engaged and active within their respective, often overlapping realms. Within just 3 months of existence, the AAC has assisted the Arts Council in:

  • Creating the Artist Relief Grant application and helped us assure BIPOC artists were supported in this program
  • Recruiting Indigenous artists for Hartford Public Library’s Indigenous Peoples’ Celebration, “Indigenous Futures”
  • Providing insight into what artists are facing during the pandemic

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