Creating opportunity and driving innovation. The Arts Catalyst program provides organizational resources that support growth and innovation at small arts and cultural organizations throughout our region. Set up in a cohort format, the Arts Council brings together leaders to share best practices, learn from experts and, ultimately, create stronger organizations.

Cohort I

Driving innovation at Arts Centers. Five arts centers were brought together to identify an innovation goal that would help them serve broad audiences within their community. Each organization spent a year working with a business volunteer to help them achieve their goal.

Arts Catalyst Impact

Art League of New Britain

“While we often talked about new programming ideas at Board meetings prior to the initiative, those ideas were usually never acted upon, perhaps because making significant programming additions in an all-volunteer organization can be a daunting task. Stephanie’s input*, as well as the peer group discussions of goals and challenges that we shared with other arts organizations during the GHAC process, motivated the ALNB to not just talk about new innovations, but to make them happen.”

*Stephanie was the Business Volunteer for the Arts who partnered with Art League of New Britain.

Farmington Valley Arts Center

“Overall the project and the exposure to the Innovation Workshop, the business volunteers, and the support from GHAC has help us think about our programming and offerings much more from a “consumer” point of view…Clearly we are not finished innovating yet, and have many more areas we need to tackle in the future, but this program has set us very successfully on this path.”

Cohort II

Strengthening small organizations. Small Arts and cultural organizations often have a BIG impact in their community. We’re helping them gain the skills needed to create a strong organization that will be able to serve the community for many years to come and providing access to a professional grant writer to help grow their organization.

Four organizations are working with a grant writer for the remainder of 2019: Queen Ann Nzinga Center, Cultura Mosaica, Connecticut Dance Alliance, and Journey Writers.