United Technologies

“United Technologies is a global leader in the aerospace and building industries. Our aerospace businesses—Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace—are redefining the future of flight with next-generation aircraft engines and integrated systems and components. Our commercial businesses—Carrier and Otis—are pioneering more intelligent and sustainable building solutions that help keep people safe, comfortable, productive and on the move.

At the same time, United Technologies is committed to being an active force for good in the communities where our employees live and work.

In 2018, we helped sponsor more than 6,000 civic, arts and cultural, economic and social welfare organizations around the world. Our charitable-giving programs have invested more than $250 million in local communities globally since 2012, an amount that includes more than $20 million in employee donations and matching company grants. We believe that engagement and investment build vibrant communities.

We are especially proud of United Technologies’ presence and community involvement in the Greater Hartford region—an area that is home to many truly outstanding arts and cultural organizations. We need activities that bring us together, inspire us and challenge our thinking. Exciting performances, creative expression and arts education programs help create a united community and keep us all healthy in mind, body and spirit. For the past 24 years, our company has joined a growing number of businesses in this region to help ensure the well-being of our area’s arts and cultural sector by supporting the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s United Arts Campaign. That Campaign provides grants and services to more than 150 organizations across a 34 town region, providing 250,000 children with invaluable educational experiences. In addition, the region’s arts and cultural sector generates more than $230 million in economic activity each year.”

To learn more abut how United Technologies is making things better in our community visit www.utc.com