Business Volunteers for the Arts is a national skills-based management consulting program that pairs business professionals with non-profit arts organizations to help with high-level projects. This program affords arts organizations valuable management knowledge and new resources, and offers business professionals a unique development opportunity.  Areas of expertise include: marketing, public relations, strategic and business planning, accounting and financial management, information technology, and human resources.

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About BVA

• Gain insight from trained business professionals who volunteer their time and skills to assist with distinct management and organizational projects.
• Learn new skills and grow organizational capacity.
• Bring in a fresh perspective to assist with problem solving.
• Volunteers may provide connections with a new network of businesses and individuals.
• Build a close relationship with a member of the corporate community in Greater Hartford. Some BVA projects result in new board members, committee member, long term volunteers, and new donors.


BVA 2019 Organization Application

BVA 2019 Volunteer Application


March 1st, June 3rd, September 2nd, December 2nd