Charter Grant 2019 Awards

The Greater Hartford Arts Council is proud to award funding to 21 arts and cultural organizations through its signature Charter Grant program, which provides unrestricted funding to arts and cultural organizations to help address their most critical needs. We are excited to welcome four new organizations into the program: Cuatro Puntos, Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, Queen Ann Nzinga Center, and Spectrum in Motion.

A performance of “Music from the African Diaspora” at Queen Ann Nzinga Center

Cuatro Puntos is dedicated to intercultural dialogue and universal access through the performance, writing, and teaching of music. One of their programs, Music Moves Hartford “Downtown Singers,” gives those who have experienced homelessness and hunger the opportunity to come together in song and use music for means greater than itself.

The Hartford Artisans Weaving Center preserves, promotes, and teaches the craft of hand-weaving. In addition to teaching classes for all ages, curating exhibits and running sales, they also run an artisan program for the blind and visually impaired, and anyone 55 and older. The Weaving Center provides a safe space to escape the isolation common to people in their circumstances; they become valuable members of the artisan community where they are supported artistically and spiritually.

The Queen Ann Nzinga Center provides children with opportunities to connect within a community of peers and mentors, discover and hone their individual talents, succeed in a collaborative environment, and celebrate diversity. They promote family and community by honoring culture and tradition through the arts.

Spectrum in Motion is a contemporary dance theater ensemble dedicated to sharing the American Experience. They also provide dance education for Hartford’s children and young adults, beginning at age 4. Spectrum in Motion uses music and dance to tell stories, transcending the barriers that divide us: race, language, gender, economics, and “neighborhood.”

Spectrum In Motion at Charter Oak Cultural Center

“We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of the Greater Hartford Arts Council and those who support the United Arts Campaign,” says Dayna Snell, executive director of the Queen Ann Nzinga Center. “This grant will help us continue to serve young people of all races and abilities, helping build self-esteem, enhance life skills and foster creativity in a positive environment.”

Charter Grants are reviewed by panels comprised of Arts Council Board members and peers from the non-profit and arts fields. Their recommendations are reviewed by the Arts Council’s Board of Directors for final approval. Interested in serving on a Grant Review panel? Apply by January 31!

An artisan weaves at the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center

Learn more about the Charter Grant program and check out a full list of recipients here.

– Dan Deutsch, Marketing & Communications Manager

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