Connecticut can’t recover without the arts.

In November, you will elect statewide representatives that must quickly address complex issues facing the future of our state. They must understand that supporting and protecting the arts and culture sector is critical to rebuild our economy, revitalize our neighborhoods, and reimagine our way of life during and beyond the pandemic. Harnessing the power of the arts must be a part of their plans for a resilient Connecticut.

This November, you will vote in one of the most important elections in recent history.

COVID-19 has affected residents, businesses, the economy, and social fabric of our region and beyond. Our community has benefitted from the power of the arts to help us heal and connect – we’ve been able to provide guidance, leadership, relief funding, and PPE for individual artists and organizations, something that we are honored to do. However, Greater Hartford’s creative sector is at risk to suffer irreversible damage at a time when we need the arts more than ever.

With so much at stake, the Arts Council and our partners at CT Arts Alliance need YOU to act.

Create the Vote CT will provide you with tools to connect effectively with local candidates to represent your interests and concerns at the State Capitol. Pledge to #CreateTheVoteCT so YOUR voice is amplified alongside artists, cultural organizations, and residents for the future of our industry and state.

This year, we worked with the Arts Council of Greater New Haven on a candidate forum where candidates for General Assembly from both cities addressed questions from the CT Arts Alliance candidate questionnaire, along with live performances and Q&A.

A portion of the forum can be found on Arts Council of Greater New Haven’s Facebook page.

Okay, so I pledged to #CreateTheVoteCT and watched the candidate forum. What else can I do?

Lucky for you, we have an answer!

  1. Invite others to pledge. The more voices, the better! Help us unite the most diverse and loud coalition of arts advocates possible.
  2. Help boost voter turnout. In addition to voting, the final phase for #CreateTheVoteCT is about making sure everyone is registered and ready to vote. While the national election will consume a lot of attention, it’s critical that we encourage voter participation in the local races, which are often decided by only a handful of votes.
  3. Stay informed. Sign up for the CT Arts Alliance newsletter to stay on top of statewide arts advocacy during the elections and beyond.