We  partnered with Aetna to bring Art on the Streets back to downtown Hartford this spring! Local artists and musicians presented  interactive experiences for the public to enjoy that also draws attention to how the arts make us happier and healthier.

Art on the Streets 2019 | May 28 – June 20

Tuesdays on Pratt St
Thursdays in State House Square (feat. House Band with Dan Liparini)

Art on the Streets populated downtown with a variety of free and interactive art activities, including Urban Improv: Downtown Dance & Movement Meditations with The End Ensemble, Creating with Mixed Media with Rebecca Maloney Art, Everyday Impressions with Elizabeth McNally, and Dancing in the Streets with The Dance Collective.

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Don’t take our word for it…here’s what the End Ensemble had to say about one of their Movement Mediations:

“There was a gentleman who had just gotten off of a stressful 2 hour conference call. He was very tight and tired and decided to join in our movement mediation. He followed along in our guided movement for about 10 mins. Afterwards, we asked him how he felt. He said he never felt better. He was astounded by how the simple action of moving his body in a different way really opened him up and relaxed him. His whole posture and facial expressions changed. He walked away tall and happy, not looking like the slunked over businessman he came in as. It was great and exactly what we set out to do!”