The Abstract Art of Meditation: An Interview with Bri Dill

Bri Dill of Art.Lab (photo: Nick Caito)

Art on the Streets creates interactive experiences for the public, while also drawing attention to how the arts make us happier and healthier. We recently caught up with Art.Lab owner and operator Bri Dill, whose mission is to make art accessible to individuals of all ages, skill, and interest levels. For Art on the Streets 2019, Dill is presenting on her latest project, Modern Art & Meditation. Read on:

Can you give us an introduction to Modern Art & Meditation?
Creating in any form can be meditative. Ink and paint have a hypnotic quality that promotes a meditative state allowing the creator to calm their mind while making beautiful abstract art. 

What is Modern Art & Meditation’s dream project?
A large scale collaboration- making an abstract piece or mural that reflects hand and mind of the artists who create it. Or a daily series of smaller works that reflect the artists’ mood and mindset based through color, movement and approach. 

What memorable response have you gotten from your work?
Viewers always tend to comment on the use of color. My work is inherently bold and colors used are an instinctual choice made in the moment influenced by my emotions and environment.  

What are you most excited about for this year’s Art on the Streets?
I am excited to make art more accessible to the community. This is a very important initiative that I try to advocate for in all my professional endeavors. I am also excited to meet new people and art enthusiasts!

Who are some Hartford Artists we should be following?
The other 2 finalists in the Hartford Magazine Best of Hartford 2019 Readers Poll, Jamie La Jones & Kate Tortland – both amazingly talented women who have unique and contemporary approach to professional art making. Angelo [Elia of Edge Tattoo] is a self-taught and extremely dedicated [tattoo] artist who’s creativity, artistic vision & self-motivation has molded him into a truly amazing tattoo artist. 

How do you think the Arts supports health and wellness within the community?
I believe that everyone needs an outlet, an escape and an alternative form of emotional expression and the arts are exactly this. Keeps the mind healthy, the community active and exercises the brain.  

– Elijah Brown, Marketing Assistant

photo: Nick Caito

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