The Arts Lift Our Spirits.

The arts improve our quality of life, add that extra spark to our daily lives, help our children learn, create thousands of jobs and bring us together. The Greater Hartford Arts Council will celebrate its 50th birthday next year, a benchmark we look forward to celebrating. Each and every day, we are inspired by the powerful impact the arts have in the Capitol region and we work tirelessly to advocate and raise the critical funds to support our community‚Äôs incredible cultural treasures.

At this very moment, many of the organizations that we have proudly supported and watched grow, develop and thrive are facing enormous challenges, like so many of us and so many businesses. It is our hope that together with you, our very loyal and generous supporters, we can help sustain our arts and cultural community through this devastating pandemic.

From our cornerstone organizations to those small community and neighborhood based arts centers, these organizations are integral to the fabric of our daily lives and many of which do not have the ability to get through this alone. They are depending on the Arts Council, and our supporters, now more than ever. They are counting on us to provide financial and organizational support so they can concentrate on serving our children, our seniors and those underserved members of our community.

Scroll through for virtual experiences from local artists and organizations:

We know so much has been asked of all of us during this crisis and we understand it has been a very difficult time. We thank you for your support of the arts and cultural community and the Greater Hartford Arts Council. If you are able, we would greatly appreciate whatever you can do to help us ensure that the lights, which may be dimmed today, will shine brightly again at our arts and cultural institutions.

Are you an artist or an arts professional looking for relief information? Visit our resource page here.