The Arts Need Our Help.

Artists and arts organizations are integral to the fabric of our daily lives and many of which do not have the ability to get through this alone. They are depending on the Arts Council, and our supporters, now more than ever. They are counting on us to provide financial and organizational support so they can concentrate on serving our children, our seniors and those underserved members of our community.

We’re In This Together.

From the moment the first chord was struck at the first livestream concert, we’ve been listening. We carefully walked the halls of our favorite museums from the comfort of our homes. Artists and arts organizations in our community and around the country have found new ways to engage with their audiences. Now it’s our turn to thank them for all of the joy and healing they’ve given us through the power of the arts.

Arts organizations are doing their part – increased cleaning, sanitizing stations, many have timed tickets or continued limited capacity to keep everyone safe – as a community, keeping ourselves and others safe is crucial to the longevity of the creative sector:

Wear a mask (double up if you can!), wash your hands, and practice social distancing.

What are the symptoms? Where can I get tested? How do I get vaccinated?

  1. Pick an artist/arts organization to follow on social media
  2. Like and share one post, and use the hashtags #letsgoarts or #makeartpossible
  3. Consider making a gift directly or visiting to help with further sector relief and recovery.

We know so much has been asked of all of us during this crisis and we understand it has been a very difficult time. We thank you for your support of the arts and cultural community and the Greater Hartford Arts Council. If you are able, we would greatly appreciate whatever you can do to help us ensure that the lights, which may be dimmed today, will shine brightly again at our arts and cultural institutions.